SQL Operations

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SQL Server: Operations



Icon Operator
ArithmeticExpression.png Arithmetic Expression

Assert.png Assert

Bitmap.png Bitmap

BookmarkLookup.png Bookmark Lookup

ClusteredIndexDelete..png Clustered Index Delete

ClusteredIndexInsert..png Clustered Index Insert

ClusteredIndexScan.png Clustered Index Scan

ClusteredIndexSeek.png Clustered Index Seek

ClusteredIndexUpdate.png Clustered Index Update

Collapse.png Collapse

ComputeScalar.png Compute Scalar

Concatenation.png Concatenation

ConstantScan.png Constant Scan

Delete.png Delete

DeletedScan.png Deleted Scan

EagerSpool.png Eager Spool

Filter.png Filter

HashMatch.png Hash Match

HashMatchRoot.png Hash Match Root

HashMatchTeam.png Hash Match Team

Insert.png Insert

InsertedScan.png Inserted Scan
IteratorCatchall.png Iterator Catchall

LazySpool.png Lazy Spool

LogRowScan.png Log Row Scan

MergeInterval.png Merge Interval

MergeJoin.png Merge Join

NestedLoops.png Nested Loops

NonclusteredIndexDelete.png Nonclustered Index Delete

NonclusteredIndexInsert.png Nonclustered Index Insert

NonclusteredIndexScan.png Nonclustered Index Scan
NonclusteredIndexSeek.png Nonclustered Index Seek

NonclusteredIndexSpool.png Nonclustered Index Spool
NonclusteredIndexUpdate.png Nonclustered Index Update

OnlineIndexInsert.png Online Index Insert

ParameterTableScan.png Parameter Table Scan

RemoteDelete.png Remote Delete

RemoteInsert.png Remote Insert

RemoteQuery.png Remote Query

RemoteScan.png Remote Scan

RemoteUpdate.png Remote Update

RIDLookup.png RID Lookup
RowCountSpool.png Row Count Spool

Segment.png Segment

Sequence.png Sequence
SequenceProject.png SequenceProject

Sort.png Sort

Split.png Split

Spool.png Spool

StreamAggregate.png Stream aggregate

Switch.png Switch

TableDelete.png Table Delete

TableInsert.png Table Insert

TableScan.png Table Scan

TableSpool.png Table Spool

TableUpdate.png Table Update

TableValuedFunction.png Table-valued Function

Top.png Top


Update.png Update

The following icons displayed in the graphical execution plan represent the Cursor Logical and Physical Showplan Operators used by SQL Server to execute statements.

Icon Cursor physical operator
CursorCatchall.png Cursor Catchall

Dynamic.png Dynamic

FetchQuery.png Fetch Query

Keyset.png Keyset

PopulationQuery.png Population Query

RefreshQuery.png Refresh Query

Snapshot.png Snapshot

The following icons displayed in the graphical execution plan represent the Parallelism Showplan Operator physical operators used by SQL Server to execute statements.

Icon Parallelism physical operator
DistributeStreams.png Distribute Streams

RepartitionStreams.png Repartition Streams

GatherStreams.png Gather Streams

The following icons displayed in the graphical execution plan represent the Transact-SQL language elements used by SQL Server.

Icon Language element
Assign.png Assign

Convert.png Convert

Declare.png Declare

If.png If

Intrinsic.png Intrinsic

LanguageElementCatchall.png Language Element Catchall

Result.png Result

While.png While