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Oracle Object Access

DB Optimizer Feature Object Usage
Profiling Tuning Read from Created / Written to / Routines
X all_constraints
X all_cons_columns
X all_indexes

X all_ind_columns
X all_objects
X all_users
X audit_actions
X X dba_data_files
X dba_objects
X dba_tablespaces
X dba_outline_hints
X dba_outlines
X dba_tables
X dba_tab_columns
X dba_tab_modifications
X ol$hints ol$hints
X session_roles
X user_histograms
X user_objects
X user_outline_hints
X user_outlines
X user_role_privs
X user_tables
X user_tab_columns
X user_tab_modifications
X v$event_name (v10+)
X v$latchname
X v$mystat
X v$parameter
X v$process
X X v$session
X v$session_wait
X X v$sesstat
X X v$sql
X v$sqltext
X v$sql_plan_statistics
X X v$statname
X v$waitstat (v10+)
X create/alter/drop outline
X create/drop index
X EMBT_GET_SIGNATURE (function)(uses outln_edit_pkg.generate_signature)