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The Licenses view shows the licenses that are hosted by the ELC server.


To choose different views of the current licenses, select one of the following radio buttons:

  • All: All licenses are displayed
  • Active: Licenses that have at least 1 unit in use
  • Available: Licenses that have at least 1 unit available
  • Maxed out: Licenses that have no units available

Information is displayed in the following columns:

  • License Name: Name of the license
  • License Type: Type of the license - user license (Named) or concurrent license (Concurrent)
  • Units: Total number of units for a specific license
  • Used: Number of used (active) licenses
  • Revoked: Number of licenses you have removed from users
  • Remaining: Number of free (inactive) licenses
  • Expiration Date: Expiration date of the license or Unlimited - license that does not expire.
  • Certificate number(s): The certificate(s) used to obtain the license

License files: Clicking this button shows further details regarding your license certificates.

  • Package Title: The name of the product certificate.
  • Contained Licenses: The number and type of licenses contained within the certificate.
  • Certificate No.: The unique number of each certificate.
  • File Name: The name(s) of the zip/slip files on your hard drive.
  • Actions: You can download or delete the license files.

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