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Welcome to AppWave Enterprise License Center 5.4

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Last Updated: August 11, 2021.

Thank you for using AppWave Enterprise License Center, the application to ease your deployment and management of IDERA, Embarcadero and Whole Tomato product licenses.

AppWave Enterprise License Center's progressive interface and processes have been logically organized to assist your administrators in management of your licenses. The application facilitates your ability to assign, revoke, catalog and manage the mission-critical enterprise licensing.

Before you use AppWave Enterprise License Center, please read the information below.

Release 5.41 features summary:

  • Log4J upgrade to version 2.17.2

Release 5.4 features summary:

  • HTTPS connection for Web Admin and Catalog pages
    • New settings and instructions to configure HTTPS connection for ELC Web Admin and Product Catalog access by using own SSL certficate.
  • Support for Secure LDAP
    • New settings to connect to Secure LDAP server.
  • Encrypted client/server communication
    • (To be rolled out with subsequent product releases)

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