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When running the client, errors can occur either at startup or at run time.

Client Startup Error Messages

Message Description

Invalid license file

The client configuration file is invalid, please contact Embarcadero.

License server does not have license for this product

The server configuration file for the Embarcadero product does not contain any licenses for the client product or it has not been loaded.

Maximum number of users already reached

All licenses are in use; no licenses are available. Try again when another client product exits.

Cannot connect to license server

The ELC is down.

License has expired

The server configuration file has expired.

Invalid request to license server

One or more request parameters are invalid or not recognized by the server.

Invalid response from license server

The client is using an old or wrong configuration file.

License server does not accept requests from this IP address

The client IP address is not in the iplist.txt file.

User name does not have permission

The user does not have permission to use the specified product.

Could not find the ELC hostname

The server is not visible from the client's IP address.

Internal Error

The server is malfunctioning. Try to restart the server. Contact Embarcadero.

Unknown Error

The error is not on the list of known errors. Contact Embarcadero.

License server does not support request

There is a client/server mismatch.

License server does not support protocol

There is a client/server mismatch

NOTE: If the server or licensing files are not available for some reason, the client using concurrent licensing will not start unless the check out (borrow) period is specified.

Client Runtime Errors

The Embarcadero client product can also encounter licensing errors when running. The most frequently encountered error occurs when the server stops running while a client program is running. How that error is handled depends on the client and licensing type.

In case of concurrent licensing:

  • An error message is displayed in the status bar in the lower left corner of the IDE or in the message box. Some products run until closed, others display an error message with the remaining time.
  • The client product does not start again until the licensing server is running.

In the case of named user licensing:

  • If the offline period is set to something other than zero, the client product will start when the licensing server is not available. The client products will run for the period of time set in the offline setting in the userlist.txt file on the server.

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