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ER/Studio BA provides import and export functions that extend the usability of the application. The import/export functions available in ER/Studio BA are listed below:

Function Description


You can export Business Process diagrams, Conceptual diagrams and Impact Analysis diagrams in three different formats: rtf, pdf, and jpg.

Grid Editor

You can export the Grid Editor in the four different formats: csv, html, pdf, and rtf.


Export: You can export a workspace in a compressed format (file extension .exz). This function allows you to (1) archive your workspace and/or (2) send to another user where it can be reimported. Workspace: This function allows you to import the exported compressed file from another user, from the archives, etc.

CSV Files

Certain data residing in Comma Separated Value files can be imported into ER/Studio BA.   You can also export data to a CSV file using the Grid Editor.

Conceptual Models

You can import or update ER/Studio DA logical models into ER/Studio BA’s conceptual models.   Note: :Conceptual Models can also be exported to ER/Studio DA as a logical model.

External Data Objects

Export: External Data Objects can be exported to ER/Studio DA as a logical and physical model. You can Import or Update ER/Studio DA models into the application as external data objects.

Visio Import

You can import Visio diagrams into Business Process or Conceptual models. When you import a Visio model, you create a new model and associated diagrams.