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Business Attributes are the low-level details (i.e., properties), of a Business Entity. You can quickly add Business Attributes to a Business Entity by pressing the Insert key while the Business Entity is selected. A new business attribute will be added at the bottom of the list or below a selected Business Attribute. The following example shows the Business Entity “WEB CUSTOMER” with seven Business Attributes for that customer. In this example the Expansion Control is displayed in the lower right-hand corner of the entity.


When working the Business Attributes you can:

  • Set Unique Identifiers, which map to Keys in the ER logical model can be set.
  • Set the data type for the Business Attribute in the Property View and. The Data Types available are high level: binary, BLOB/Image, boolean, char, CLOB/Large Text, Decimal, Date, Integer, Time Stamp, Varchar, and XML.
  • Set the Optionality for an attribute. If you select Mandatory it becomes a “required” property and a plus sign (+) appears to the left of the attribute. If it is optional, a minus sign (-) appears to the left of the attribute. You can set a export and/or print under the Display Options for Business Entities to always show the optionality indicator for Business Attributes.
  • Bind Business Attributes to Business Element or Domains in the Reference Objects node.
  • Scroll through the list of attributes in a Business Entity using the up and down arrows.
  • Reorder the Business Attributes within a Business Entity.

Reordering Business Attributes

You can reorder business attributes in a Business Entity.

1 Double-click the Business Entity that contains the Business Attributes you want to reorder. This opens the Property View.
2 Click the Business Attributes tab of Business Entity property view.
3 Select the attribute you want to move and click either the up arrow (ICON MOVE ATTRIBUTE UP.PNG) or the down arrow (ICON MOVE ATTRIBUTE DOWN.PNG) to change the order of the attributes.
The change in order is reflected in both the Model View tree and in the element on the Diagram.