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The table below describes the functions available when you right-click in the Diagram View:

Shortcut Menu Item Icon Description

Case Shift

You can set the default case shift for all element labels. You have three options: Lower: All text appears in lower case lettering, including the initial letter of the label. Preserve: Text appears as entered. Upper: All text appears in upper case lettering.


This pull-right menu contains three additional commands: Show Grid Lines: The grid lines appear on the diagram. Show Parent Objects as Transparent: When a parent object such as a pool or lane is placed on a diagram, the grid lines appear in the object, i.e. the object is transparent. Snap Objects to Grid: When an element is placed in the Diagram View, it automatically snaps to the nearest grid. When an element is moved, it also snaps to the nearest grid line.


If it is a Business Process diagram, this command shows or hides: All, Associations, Line Shapes, Links, Message Flows, Sequence Flows, or Usages.   If it is a Conceptual Model diagram, this command shows or hides: All, Interactions, Line Shapes, Links, Relationships, or Usages.   If it is a Impact Analysis diagram, this command shows or hides Links and Usages.


This opens a pull-right menu allowing you to select all elements in the diagram.


You have three choices: curved, elbowed, or straight. The default setting for connections is curved. If you change this setting to “straight” you get a Change Diagram Layout dialog, warning you that this selection overrides any changes you have made to individual relationships.

Connection Labels

The default setting is to show connection labels when drawn. You can select to hide or show all connection labels in the diagram.

Grid Editor...


The Grid Editor is an spreadsheet-like display format that is an alternative to the Model View tree view. This is valuable for large objects or business-related objects, such as business rules. The Grid Editor can be printed or exported as a report.

Zoom In


Select this command to increase the size of the diagram in the view.

Zoom Out


Select this command to decrease the size of the diagram in the view.