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Drawing Shapes are used to provide additional information about the Process. There are nine drawing shapes, one text label, and one line. You can use these shapes to create diagram objects without the semantic meaning implied by the modeling notations. The drawing shapes are displayed in the Model View tree. You can rename these shapes in the tree.


  • The size of the shapes can be increased or decreased
  • The line and fill colors can be changed
  • The shapes can be labeled

When you right-click the drawing shapes you gain access to a shortcut menu where you can show the name of the shape, or edit it. You can also view the Impact Analysis Report. You can create a link, and open the Property View for the selected shape. You can also double-click an object to open the Property View.

Setting Preferences for Shapes

You can set global preferences for the drawing shapes. The changes you make in this preferences dialog are then applied to all future elements you place in the Diagram View. For example, if you change the fill color of an octagon to red, from now on, all octagons you place in the Diagram View are red.

1 To open the Preferences dialog select Windows > Preferences on the main menu.
2 Expand the Formatting node and select Shapes.