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Relationships can only be defined between common object types. For example two business entities can have a relationship, but a business entity and a subject area cannot.

You can set Relationship properties using the Property View. These properties include the following:

  • You can add verb and inverse verb phrases which are then displayed in the Diagram View.
  • You can set the optionality of the relationship.
  • You can choose one of four different relationship types:
  • Generic (ICON RELATIONSHIP.PNG ). You can customize the end points using the Line Display Options in the Appearance tab of the Property View.
  • Many-to-Many (ICON MANY TO MANY.png)
  • Many-to-One (ICON MANY TO ONE.png)
  • One-to-Many (ICON ONE TO MANY.png)
  • The selection you make is reflected on the beginning and ending indicator on the relationship.
  • You can set line style, line width, and source/target decorator size for the Relationship in the Property View under the Appearance tab.
  • You can also set global preferences for all the line display options in the Preferences.

The following diagram shows a one-to-many relationship with an optionality setting of Mandatory to Optional between two related Business Entities.


Setting the Optionality of a Relationship

Split-line notation appears when you set source/target optionality on a Conceptual Model relationship. The line display depends on the optionality selected for the relationship. The following options are available:

  • Optional to Mandatory
  • Mandatory to Optional
  • Optional
  • Mandatory

To set the optionality of a relationship

1 In the Diagram View, double-click the Relationship to open the Property View.
In the Model View, double-click either the Outgoing Relationships or Incoming Relationships icon (ICON RELATIONSHIP.PNG) located in either the target or source elements to open the Property View.


2 Select the Relationship Type from the drop down list and the Relationship display in the Diagram View changes to reflect the type chosen.
3 Select the Optionality from the drop-down list and the split-line notation displayed reflect the optionality chosen.
4 You can customize the end points using the Line Display Options in the Appearance tab of the Property View.