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The Model View appears in the upper left portion of ER/Studio Business Architect by default. It contains the Model View tree displaying the hierarchy of workspaces, projects, models, diagrams, and elements. It also displays the hierarchy of reference elements. Workspaces, projects, models, diagrams, and elements can be created, organized, and viewed. You can modify the Model View to fit your preferences.

The Model View is easy to use, allowing you to create and view all aspects of the application. The Model View Toolbar contains tools you can use to organize and filter the tree.

Displaying the Model View

By default, the Model View is displayed when you first start the application. To display the Model View when hidden, do the following:

1 On the Window menu, select Show View.
2 Select Model from the pull-right menu.

Modifying the Model View

You can modify, position, and size the Model View. When you right-click the Model View tab, a shortcut menu opens displaying the following commands:

Command Description


Click this command to detach the view from the application’s frame and position it anywhere within or outside the application window. This state of detachment is called floating. This is a toggle command and the Detached command is checked once it is selected.


Restores a maximized window to its original size within the application.


You move a single view or an entire tab group. When you select this command, the select view or tab group is outlined with a gray box. Move the gray box to a selected location and click once. The view or tab group is placed in the new location.


You can the resize the top, bottom, left or right side of a view. Click Size and then select one of the four available sides. The selected side is replaced by a wide bold line. Place the cursor on this line and the cursor changes to resize. Hold down the mouse button and move the side to the desired location.


This command hides the view and only the icon and tab representing the view are displayed in the application window. Click once in the tab to restore the view to its original size and location.


The view is expanded to fill the entire application window.


This command closes the selected view. You can also click ICON TASK DELETE.PNG located in the tab to close the view.