Adding a Diagram or Data Dictionary to the Repository

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Using the Add Diagram operation you can add the active diagram and its data dictionary, if you choose, to the Repository.

  • You cannot add data model objects to the Repository without first adding the diagram containing them.
  1. Log in to the Repository.
  2. Choose Repository > Diagrams > Add Diagram.
  3. Enter or revise the options in the Add Diagram to ER/Studio Repository dialog as appropriate, and then click OK to exit the dialog.

The following describe options that require additional explanation:

Save As: Use to set the file name for a new, blank diagram or to change the file name for an existing diagram. This will also create a local DM1 file with the same name.

Add to Repository Project: Click the list to add the diagram to an established project. For more information, see Working with Repository Projects.

Bind Existing Enterprise Data Dictionaries: Select a data dictionary to bind to the diagram. This list is empty if no Enterprise Data Dictionaries have been created. Using the Repository enables you to have more than one data dictionary bound to your diagram, the local dictionary and as many of the Enterprise Data Dictionaries as you like.

Promote Local Data Dictionary to Enterprise: Creates an Enterprise Data Dictionary based on the selected DM1 file's data dictionary.

Data Dictionary Name: If Promote Local Data Dictionary to Enterprise is selected, lets you change the name for the new Enterprise Data Dictionary; otherwise, disabled.

Filename: When you add the diagram to the repository, the name of the local diagram file is automatically assigned to the respective file in the repository, however, you can change the name of the file in the repository, without affecting the local file name, by using the Change Diagram Filename command. For more information, see Changing the Diagram File Name.

Auto Publish: When checked, this option automatically publishes the diagram in Team Server without the user needing to manually publish. The diagram then is visible and enabled when Allow auto publish of new diagram is set to Yes in Team Server > Admin > Publication Preferences.

Notepad blue icon 2.pngNote: After you add your diagram, if you want to place access restrictions on it, you need to have users and roles selected and secure your diagram.

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