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You can add comments to many database objects for your own documentation needs or for communicating your ideas when collaborating with others to develop a model. Repository users can share comments between ER/Studio Data Architect and ER/Studio Team Server, so if a ER/Studio TS user makes a comment on a model, submodel, or database object, ER/Studio users can view these comments and vice versa. Comments are stamped with the date and the name of the logged in user.

  1. On the Data Model Explorer or Data Model Window, right-click the object you want to add comments to and then select Comments. Or choose Edit > Comments.
    • Comments can be added to objects in the Repository without needing to check out the object.
    The Comments editor displays where you can view or delete comments previously recorded or add new comments.
    Comments can be added to objects in the Repository without needing to check out the object.
  2. Enter the comment in the bottom area of the Comment editor and then click Add.
  3. If you want the Repository to be updated immediately with the new comments, select Synchronize All Comments In Repository Immediately.
  4. Add more comments if desired and then click Save.

Notepad blue icon 2.pngNote: If you are adding comments to a Repository diagram, you can add and commit comments to an object without needing to check out or check in the diagram. Click the Synchronize Comments button in the Repository toolbar and your comments are added to the diagram, with your Repository user name and the comment date and time.

You can add comments to most ER/Studio Data Architect objects, including the following object types:

• Alias

• Attachment Binding

• Attachment Types

• Attachments

• Attribute

• Attribute

• Auxiliary Table

• Column

• Data Lineage Column

• Data Lineage Source

• Data Lineage Table

• Data Movement Column

• Data Security

• Database

• Diagram

• Dictionary

• Dictionary Default

• Dictionary Rule

• Domain

• Entity

• Function

• Logical Model

• Logical Submodel

• Package and Object Type

• Physical Model

• Physical Submodel

• Procedure

• Reference Value

• Relationship

• Security

• Security Binding

• Stogroup

• Synonym

• Table

• Tablespace

• User Data Type

• View

• View Column

• Visual Data Lineage Objects

  • For ER/Studio Repository users, when logged in to the Repository, any comments added are stamped with the Repository user name and date.
  • Comments are stamped with the user name and comment creation date and time.
  • You can delete the comment by clicking the X for the comment in the Comments dialog.
  • Once logged in to the Repository, you can share your comments with other ER/Studio Data Architect users by storing them with the diagram file in the Repository.
    To upload your comments to the Repository, choose Repository > Update Comments.
    To download existing or new comments in the open diagram, choose Repository > Synchronize Comments. Access the comment editor via the comments tool on the modeling toolbar, though the context menu, or by choosing Edit > Comments.
  • You can add a comment to one object at a time. If more than one object is selected the Comments option will not be available.

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