Associating a Data Dictionary with a Diagram

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Binding an existing Enterprise Data Dictionary with a diagram enables you to reuse data dictionary objects such as domains, reference values, and attachments.

The Enterprise Dictionary Binding Dialog now includes attachments and reference values. The bindings are presented in a grid format and can be exported to *.csv files for reporting purposes.

  1. Log in to the Repository.
  2. Check out the diagram you want to bind the dictionary to.
  3. Choose Repository > Data Dictionary > Bind Enterprise Data Dictionary and then select the dictionary you want to associate with.


  • You can associate multiple data dictionaries with the same diagram.
  • You must have the Enterprise edition of ER/Studio Data Architect to have more than one data dictionary in a diagram.
  • All changes to dictionary objects in an Enterprise Data Dictionary will propagate to diagrams where the object is used. If you want to use a domain or attachment only, for example, in one specific diagram, it can remain in the local dictionary. If a domain or attachment needs to be reused and updated across diagrams, then it should be created in an Enterprise dictionary.
  • You can have multiple dictionaries per diagram. This means that you can have one all-encompassing dictionary or project-level dictionaries.
  • You must check out the diagram before binding a data dictionary to it.
  • You do not need to check in the diagram to commit the change to the Repository. The Bind Enterprise Data Dictionary operation automatically updates the Repository server with the appropriate information.

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