Changing the Model Background

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Go Up to Customizing the Data Model

To make your model more visually appealing, you can change the background color displayed to complement the colors you choose for other object models in the Data Model Window.

  1. Choose Tools > Options.
    • To change the background of new logical models, select the Logical tab.
    • To change the background of new physical models, select the Physical tab.
  2. In the Main Model Display area, click Colors & Fonts > Background Color.
  3. To choose one of the Basic colors or one of the existing Custom Colors, select a color box and then click OK.
    To choose a color not already displayed in this dialog, click Define Custom Colors, define the new color, click Add to Custom Colors. (This adds a new color option to the available Custom Colors.) Now you can select the new color box and then click OK.
  4. Click OK again to exit the Options editor.
  5. You can export the model background by selecting Export model and object background color in Model > Options > Display.

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