Configuring ODBC Data Source and Target Connections

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ER/Studio Data Architect can use ODBC drivers to connect to database servers to reverse engineer a database or to create SQL from database objects. Before using the Reverse-Engineering Wizard or DDL Generate Wizard to connect to a database using the ODBC option, you must first install the appropriate ODBC driver for the target database platform and configure the ODBC data source. Using the ODBC Data Source Administrator you can configure data connections and then access them from the Reverse Engineer, Compare and Merge, and DDL Generation wizards. Notepad blue icon 2.pngNote: Most database vendors publish ODBC drivers for their respective platforms. In addition, several third-party developers also market ODBC drivers for many database platforms. ER/Studio Data Architect is not compatible with 16-bit ODBC drivers.

  1. Choose Tools > ODBC Setup.
  2. Follow the on screen prompts to configure the data source.


  • Configure the ODBC driver by following the instructions provided by the ODBC vendor.
  • Data sources that are configured on the User DSN tab of the ODBC Data Source Administrator are available for the logged in user only, while data sources configured on the System DSN tab are available for all users of that system.
  • You can also access the ODBC Data Source Administrator through Windows by choosing Start > Settings > Control areal > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC).
  • You can share your ODBC data source configuration with other users by distributing the ..\Windows\ODBC.ini file that contains the data source definitions.
  • ODBC drivers are used for all databases not listed Using Native or Direct Database Connections, such as GreenPlum and PostgreSQL.

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