Copying and Pasting Data Dictionary Objects

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You can select any standard Data Dictionary object and copy and paste it either within the current diagram on in another diagram. When you copy or paste a Data Dictionary object, ER/Studio Data Architect copies and pastes all of its dependent objects too. You can also select multiple standard Data Dictionary objects, such as Defaults and Rules, or multiple Procedural Logic Data Dictionary objects, such as Reusable Triggers or Reusable Procedures.

  1. In the Data Model Explorer, click the Data Dictionary tab.
  2. In the Data Dictionary tab, right-click one or more target objects and then select Copy Dictionary Objects.
  3. Locate the target Data Dictionary (either the current diagram or to another diagram), right-click any node and then select Paste Data Dictionary Objects.


  • You can also copy and paste objects from a local dictionary to an Enterprise Data Dictionary.
  • When pasting domains, you can use the Switch Domain Bindings macro to map local properties to enterprise properties. You can find the macro in the sample macros on the Macro tab of the Data Model Explorer (Modeling Productivity Macros) This macro scans all the columns and attributes in the active model or all models and switches the domain bindings from the source domain to the target domain. The information for each bound column will be updated with the target domain. Any domain overrides will be preserved.
  • When making multiple selections, Procedural Logic Data Dictionary objects, they must be the same type (i.e. reusable triggers or reusable procedures, but not both), all other objects can be different types.
  • To enable to the Copy Data Dictionary menu item, you must click within a Data Dictionary object node.
  • The Paste Data Dictionary menu item is available both at the root Data Dictionary object node as well as with in the node.

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