Defining the Default View Settings for New Models

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Go Up to Creating and Editing Database Views

  1. Choose Tools > Options, and then click the Display tab.
  2. Complete your setting selections in the View Display Settings area.
  3. Click the View tab.
  4. Complete your setting selections and then click OK.
  5. You can override the settings here for a specific model or submodel using the options in View > Diagram and Object Display Options > View.

The following describe options that require additional explanation:

View Reverse-Engineer/Import > Import Invalid Views: Lets you import invalid views when importing a data model or reverse-engineering a database.

Duplicate View Column Name Resolution

  • Prompt: Prompts for column aliases to differentiate between columns whenever duplicate column names exist.
  • Don't propagate: Eliminates duplicate column names from the SELECT clause of the SQL statement generated to create the view.
  • Attach prefix and/or suffix: Appends a prefix or suffix to the column names to differentiate between duplicate column names. The prefix is comprised of the entity name and an underscore character. The suffix is comprised of sequential numbering.

View Column Propagation > Don't propagate any columns: Does not automatically propagate any columns to a view. You can select the columns to include in the View Editor.

Column Sorting: Sets column sorting hierarchy.

  • The Column Sorting setting determines the column order in the DDL SELECT statement.

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