Viewing the Checkin History of a Repository Object

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Using the Version History feature, you can view the checkin details to see who has been working on the object or determine which version you need, in the case where you need to rollback to a previous version.

Notepad blue icon 2.pngNote: Each time you check in an object, ER/Studio Data Architect increments the version number by 1. When you check out an individual object such as a domain, macro or data movement rule, modify it, and then check it in, the version number for just that object is incremented; if its parent objects were not checked out or not checked in at the same time, their version numbers are not incremented. However, when you check out an attribute, the entity that contains the attribute is also checked out along with all other attributes contained by that entity. So, when you check in the changes to an attribute, the version numbers for the changed attribute, the unchanged attributes, and the entity are incremented.

  1. Open a Repository diagram and then log in to the Repository.
  2. On the Data Model, Data Dictionary, Data Lineage, or Macros tab, navigate to the object you want to investigate.
  3. Right-click the object and then click Version History.
  4. In the Repository Version History dialog, click a version entry and then click Details.
This displays the recorded version details, including the comments entered when the object was checked in.

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