Exporting Metadata for a Particular Model

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  • You need a separate license to access the MetaData Export bridges. See the About ERStudio dialog for a list of the modules you are licensed to use.

Using the MetaData Export Wizard, you can export your diagrams in formats compatible with a wide-variety of industry-standard tools. For a current list of supported platforms and bridges available, see ER/Studio MetaWizard Import/Export Bridges.

To export model metadata

  1. On the Data Model Explorer, right-click the model or submodel you want to export.
  2. Click Export Model Metadata.
  3. Complete the Export Model Metadata dialog as required.
  4. Click the field beside the option name to either enter a value or select a value from the list. Help text for each option appears in the area at the bottom of the page.
  5. If you want to save or print the log, click Save to File or Print.

The following describe options that require additional explanation.

Page 1

Type: From the list, select the MIR Bridge you want to use to generates a file that can be imported into the third-party application supported by the selected bridge type.

Page 3

This page displays informational and warning messages describing successful and unsuccessful exports respectively.

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