Changing the Location of Shared Files

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Go Up to Administrator Guide

  • You must have local administrator privileges to change the location where ER/Studio Data Architect stores and searches for shared application data.
  1. Choose Tools > Options, and then click the Directories tab.
  2. In the File Path dialog, browse to an existing directory you want to store your shared files.
    • Note: ER/Studio Data Architect will create a directory that does not exist but not a directory path. If your path has multiple levels it will need to be previously created.
  3. In the Options dialog, click OK. When closing the dialog ER/Studio Data Architect creates and/or searches in the changed directory.
  4. If you are changing the location of any of the following directories, you will also need to copy the contents of the directory to the new location: DataTypeMapping, Macros or Sample Models.
  5. To effect the changes, please restart ER/Studio Data Architect.

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