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ER/Studio Data Architect is an industry-leading data modeling tool for designing and understanding databases, helping companies discover, document, and re-use data assets. With round-trip database support, you can reverse-engineer, analyze, and optimize existing databases. Productivity gains and organizational standards enforcement can be achieved with ER/Studio Data Architect's strong collaboration capabilities.

ER/Studio Data Architect offers:

  • Model-driven design environment
  • Complete database life cycle support
  • Enterprise model management
  • Data lineage documentation
  • Enterprise communication capabilities
  • Data warehouse and integration support
  • Quality database designs

This overview provides a basic introduction to ER/Studio Data Architect, the products in the ER/Studio Data Architect family, and IDERA applications that can further enable data architects.

ER/Studio Family Products

There are several products in the ER/Studio family:

  • ER/Studio Data Architect: Provides a complete environment for analyzing, designing, creating, and maintaining database applications, including logical and physical models for many common database platforms.
  • ER/Studio Team Server Core: (Installed with the repository) The ER/Studio Team Server Core enables easy distribution of models and metadata across the enterprise. ER/Studio Team Server Core lets you make use of data source definitions stored centrally, as well as letting you search, browse, and report on the information contained in the Team Server.
  • Repository: (Installed with Team Server) Productivity gains and enforcement of organizational standards can be achieved with strong collaboration capabilities offered by the model Repository, a version-control application. ER/Studio Data Architect and Business Architect users connect to the Repository to get a data model revision, check in changes, compare and merge local copies of the data model to a version in the Repository, and run various usage reports.
  • MetaWizard: Integrates metadata across modeling tools, business intelligence, ETL platforms and industry-standard exchange formats (XMI, XML and XSD). This tool enables ER/Studio Data Architect to integrate with more than seventy other applications by sharing metadata through an import-export capability.

In addition to the products above, IDERA also offers the following complementary applications:

  • Business Architect: A business modeling tool for creating a graphical representation of your business from the core concepts that describe the business, to the processes that detail how your business operates. The product allows you to easily model your business processes and how those processes use data. The product's Conceptual Modeling provides an intuitive way to outline subject areas and concepts that can then drive the creation of detailed data models.
  • ER/Studio Viewer: (Viewer) ER/Studio Viewer provides an interactive environment for accessing ER/Studio Data Architect data models, offering the same sophisticated navigational features of ER/Studio Data Architect to members of the modeling team that want advanced viewing, navigation and printing functionality but do not require the ability to edit the models.

Application Design

The following diagram shows the functional relationship among ER/Studio components and with the software components of a typical development system.

Application Design v2.png

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