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Thank you for using ER/Studio Data Architect, previously known as ER/Studio, the award-winning data modeling application for logical and physical database design and construction. ER/Studio Data Architect's (ER/Studio DA) powerful, multi-level design environment addresses the everyday needs of database administrators, developers and data architects who build and maintain large, complex database applications.

ER/Studio Data Architect's progressive interface and processes are logically organized to effectively address the ease-of-use issues that have plagued data modeling tools for the past decade. The application facilitates your ability to create, understand and manage the mission-critical database designs within an enterprise. It offers strong logical design capabilities, bidirectional synchronization of logical and physical designs, automatic database construction, accurate reverse engineering of databases, and powerful HTML-based documentation and reporting facilities. Before you use ER/Studio, please read the information below.

Important Installation Notes

  • To install ER/Studio Data Architect on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, or 7, you must have administrative privileges. Once you have installed ER/Studio DA, you can then log in as a standard or limited user and use the application without having administrative privileges.
  • In order to run ER/Studio DA, you must provide valid licensing information.
  • When you install ER/Studio DA, certain files and directories that were previously stored under the Program Files folder are now by default installed to system-specified application data directories.
  • During installation, the following directories are created:
    • For Datatype Mapping Editor files, which is also the default location for user-generated Datatype Mapping files:
    • For Automation Handler files, which is also the default location for sample macros:
    • For sample model files, for which a shortcut is generated in the ER/Studio DA program group:
      C:\ProgramData\IDERA\ERStudioDA_XXXX\Sample Models
  • When the application is run for the first time, the following directories are created by ER/Studio DA:
    • Directories used by the Repository client to transfer files to and from the Repository server:
    • Default directory for Report files:
    • Default directory for SQL scripts:
    • Default directory for Quicklaunch files:
    • Default Save location for new diagrams:
      C:\ProgramData\IDERA\ERStudioDA_XXXX\Sample Models

Important Release Advisory

Note regarding installing on Windows

In some situations, background tasks may cause the installation to appear as though it has stopped, even though the progress on the setup window is indicating 100%. In these instances there may be a popup message indicating that a restart is required to finish installation. However, that message may be hidden behind the setup window. Try pressing ALT + TAB to bring the message to the foreground and answer to restart your computer and finish the installation.

Ensure Repository Sync

To ensure compatibility with ER/Studio Repository synchronization, this version of ER/Studio Data Architect requires ER/Studio Repository version 19.1 for all Repository operations.

ER/Studio Portal is no longer supported by ER/Studio Data Architect. Most functionality formerly provided by ER/Studio Portal is now provided by ER/Studio Team Server. Users who formerly used the Repository tab to browse the portal can use a Web browser instead.

License Enforcement

When working with the Repository, all users must use the same license type. ER/Studio now enforces this by marking the Repository as an Enterprise Team Edition Repository when a user with an Enterprise Team Edition license logs in. Subsequent log in attempts by users with a non-Team Edition license are not allowed.

Enhancements/Bug Fixes and Known Issues

Use your browser Find feature to locate a particular bug number or click a link below to see the issues addressed in a specific build.

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio 20.2

Issue # Description
ERS-29786 Resolves an issue causing users to receive user interface errors when attempting to use Chinese characters.
ERS-30001 Resolves a Compare and Merge issue causing complicated Drop/Create TABLE statements to result when adding a column to the end of a Table using SQL Server.
ERS-31021 Adds Databricks-specific Data Types and Mappings.
ERS-31022 Adds Databricks to the physical platforms list throughout the product.
ERS-31045 Modifies the Table Editor for Databricks.
ERS-31046 Modifies the Reverse Engineering wizard for Databricks.
ERS-31048 Adds Foreign Key constraint options for Databricks.
ERS-31049 Modifies the View Editor for Databricks.
ERS-31050 Modifies the Import SQL File wizard for Databricks.
ERS-31051 Generates DDL forward engineering for Databricks.
ERS-31052 Modifies the Compare and Merge wizard for Databricks.
ERS-31053 Adds simple support for Materialized Views in Databricks physical models.
ERS-31054 Adds support for Functions in Databricks physical models.
ERS-31055 Adds support for Schema objects in Databricks physical models.
ERS-31056 Adds support for Clustering Keys in Databricks.
ERS-31087 Resolves an issue causing ERDA to fail when reverse engineering Pivot views.
ERS-31121 Adds support for Bloom filter indexes.
RWP-10294 Resolves an issue causing SSO Settings to not be saved to backup upon uninstall.
RWP-10491 Resolving an issue causing a runtime error when attempting to add and publish a diagram with over 2,000 reference values.
RWP-10532 Updates the Data Catalog Tree to show Fields instead of Objects for the tree nodes.
RWP-10550 Adds an option to select Purview for managing licensing, permissions, and more.
RWP-10551 Adds a Connection page for Purview.
RWP-10552 Adds a Property Mappings page for Purview.
RWP-10553 Adds a Glossary Admin section for Purview.
RWP-10554, RWP-10555 Adds Logical Data Modeling for Purview.
RWP-10556 Adds Physical Data Modeling for Purview.
RWP-10557 Adds Synchronization of Business Terms for Purview.
RWP-10558, RWP-10559 Adds Model Publishing for Purview.

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio 20.1

Issue # Description
ERS-23034 Resolves an issue causing quoted attribute names to appear in View objects when generating a Physical model from a Logical model.
ERS-27161 Improves performance when connecting to the Repository.
ERS-27893 Resolves in issue in PostgreSQL databases regarding the handling of CHAR Datatypes without the length specifier (n).
ERS-28707 Resolves an issue causing a DROP statement to appear if you change names for FK constraints on PostgreSQL and then perform a Compare/Merge.
ERS-29220 Resolves an issue causing the Import SQL function to fail when combining ALTER TABLE clauses for Amazon Redshift users.
ERS-29224 Resolves an issue causing inaccurate compare results when a child Table inherits Columns from the Unique Index of a Parent Table.
ERS-29228 Improves commenting for SQL generated by the Compare and Merge Utility.
ERS-29229 Resolves an issue causing the ALTER script to add PK and FK in the wrong order.
ERS-29230 Resolves an issue causing unknown characters from appearing in the SQL tab of the Procedure SQL Editor.
ERS-29235 Resolves an issue that caused LOGGING to appear as a value in LOB Segment fields after converting a dm1 file.
ERS-29255 Resolves an issue occasionally causing Merge script errors.
ERS-29287 Resolves an issue causing in correct syntax generation in CREATE/ALTER TABLE statements.
ERS-29386 Resolves an issue that caused ERDA to close unexpectedly when some users attempted a Compare/Merge with a Business Data Object that contained differences.
ERS-29392 Resolves an issue preventing an extended ALTER from generating a FK which results in an error.
ERS-29438 Updates the Parser to ignore non-Object creation statements.
ERS-29454 Improves handling of VARCHAR(max) Datatype Mapping in Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, JSON, PostgreSQL, and Snowflake.
ERS-29462 Resolves an issue causing an incorrect ALTER script to appear when using the Compare/Merge feature on two Models with Relationship differences.
ERS-29463 Resolves an issue causing Table and Column definitions to not appear on Definition tabs in Logical and Physical Models or be included in the DDL script.
ERS-29466 Resolves an issue that caused sequences to not generate if Generate Owner is checked.
ERS-29470 Resolves an issue for Snowflake users where parameters would appear incorrect when reverse engineering a Table with over 30 CHARS.
ERS-29475 Resolves an issue preventing the Privacy Statement from opening after clicking the Privacy Statement link in the Setup wizard.
ERS-29476 Resolves an issue causing the wrong order of statements to be passed to the ALTER script after a Compare/Merge.
ERS-29478 Resolves an issue preventing storage options from passing through the ALTER script after a Compare/Merge.
ERS-29480 Resolves an issue preventing Clustered Columnstore Indexes from passing through the ALTER script after a Compare/Merge.
ERS-29508 Resolves an issue causing some PostgreSQL users to see a blank script after using the Compare/Merge utility.
ERS-29510 Resolves an issue preventing the merge script from including a newly-added Column in Tables and clearing the view.
ERS-29516 Resolves an issue causing Primary Key constraints to incorrectly form for Azure Synapse Analysis.
ERS-29527 Resolves an issue allowing users to compare a JSON instance Physical Model to a live database.
ERS-29535 Resolves an issue that resulted in the loss of Identity column precision when performing a Compare/Merge.
ERS-29539 Resolves an issue causing a failure when reverse engineering a SQL script with ANY keyword.
ERS-29545 Adds support for the QUALIFY clause in Snowflake.
ERS-29549 Adds support for TO_DATE function in Snowflake.
ERS-29574 Resolves an issue causing some PostgreSQL users to Datatype timestamp with Datatype Properties Time Zone to import as No Time Zone.
ERS-29694 Resolves an issue that allowed single SQL-based platform licensed users to access the ability to import a JSON file.
ERS-29879 Resolves an issue that caused ERDA to close when some users attempted to quick launch a report.
ERS-29885 Adds support for Index column ordering in PostgreSQL 10.x-12.x.
ERS-29945 Resolves an issue where generating an ALTER statement with Compare and Merge did not include a statement separator for Packages.
ERS-29987 Resolves an issue causing the Object name instead of the Role name to display in the FK field after importing a JSON file.
ERS-29988 Resolves an issue for some Google BigQuery users who receive a syntax error when attempting to generate a database that includes unaccepted characters in the definitions.
ERS-30018 Resolves an issue causing the Oracle Max Value to cause an error when importing DDL.
ERS-30028 Resolves an issue causing ERDA to time out after selecting Workspace in the Universal Mapping window.
ERS-30075 Resolves an issue causing ERDA to become unstable after experiencing a 404 error on the Welcome page.
ERS-30076 Resolves an issue causing the system to import PostgreSQL 10.x-12.x database partitions as Table objects when using the Reverse-Engineering wizard.
ERS-30110 Resolves an issue causing the Compare/Merge utility to display different Stored Procedure descriptions when managing two identical Physical Models.
ERS-30141 Resolves an error caused when merging some SQL Server databases due to the use of alphabetical rather than dependency order for Referential Integrity.
ERS-30160 Resolves an issue where no TSQL code is generated when a Stored Procedure is the only item selected for merge.
ERS-30174 Adds support for PIVOT clause in SQL Server.
ERS-30180 Allows user-defined names for the History Table in Azure SQL DB and SQL Server.
ERS-30185 Resolves an issue causing incorrect results when users reverse engineer of a Foreign Key using an index different from the Primary Key.
ERS-30249 Adds the ability to retain connection with the database server in case of a session timeout.
ERS-30251 Improves Table Editor performance when a user is logged into Team Server and has Business Terms Relationships enabled.
ERS-30367 Resolves an issue causing an incorrect Index Column Order for Snowflake.
ERS-30371 Resolves an error that appears when generating a database from the Physical Model with Views.
ERS-30376 Resolves an issue causing some PostgreSQL users to notice Table/Column definitions to not import when importing SQL.
ERS-30383 Adds support for UTF-8 characters in the MetaWizard Bridge user interface.
ERS-30410 Improves Create Submodel performance when connected to Team Server.
ERS-30412 Resolves an issue causing SQL Server Tables and Views to fail to import with Owners.
ERS-30424 Allows a user to select a region when reverse engineering in Google BigQuery.
ERS-30447 Resolves an issue that occurs when TSQL code is generated when performing a Compare/Merge from an ER to Physical Diagram.

It then does not use the schema-qualified name of Views, Stored Procedures, and some other objects.

ERS-30448 Resolves an issue that caused TSQL code generated with RESTRICT keyword in the ALTER statement, which is invalid for SQL Server.
ERS-30518 Resolves an issue causing PostgreSQL-generated SQL to experience a syntax error for Datatype time without time zone.
ERS-30535 Resolves an issue causing Create Default and Create Rule statements without go statements.
ERS-30551 Resolves an issue causing the Add PK statement to use the old Table name when a users is renaming the Table and adding a Primary Key.
ERS-30552 Improves handling of dependencies when comparing and merging databases.
ERS-30553 Resolves an issue causing some users to receive a schema syntax error for an Empty Schema when executing the DDL on a live database.
ERS-30554 Resolves an issue causing ERDA to create ALTER statements without constraint names for SQL and Oracle.
ERS-30671 Resolves an issue causing an unmatched open quote in the Compare/Merge script for Extended Property with an empty value.
ERS-30735 Resolves an issue causing invalid ALTER scripts due to the DEFAULT statement having no value.
RWP-9763 Resolves an issue causing incorrect button behavior after disabling HTTPS during an upgrade.
RWP-9863 Updates the copyright year in the Team Server installer.
RWP-9921 Adds Data Catalog tree support for Google BigQuery Nested Objects.
RWP-9922 Resolves an issue causing Text-type Attachments to display different values in Team Server than those appearing in Data Architect.
RWP-9927 Adds options to select version for WhereScape export.
RWP-9942 Improves security of published Diagrams.
RWP-9945 Resolves an issue where a Business Term name change after a sync creates a new Term in Collibra.
RWP-9967 Resolves an issue causing exported Glossaries containing over 2000 Terms to return an empty .csv.
RWP-10031 Resolves an issue preventing Diagram names containing commas from exporting to WhereScape.
RWP-10097 Resolves an issue where Business Terms connected via a Domain did not display in Team Server but did pass through to Collibra.
RWP-10126 Resolves an issue causing HTML script to execute on the Home page and Stream subpage when users are typing data into the Data Source Name text field.
RWP-10136 Resolves an issue preventing attachments form appearing on the Property Mapping page after assignment to a Business Term.
RWP-10144 Provides a blank parent Table and parent Table Primary Key for containment Relationships at the Column level (Table).
RWP-10269 Supports the latest version of FasterXML Jackson Data Bind.
RWP-10314 Supports the latest version of Tomcat and JDK.
RWP-10322 Updates Team Server with the latest ER/Studio Business Architect files.
UMF-7301 Updates Business Architect to support the latest version of Log4j.

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio 20.0.1

Issue # Description
ERS-30523 Resolves an issue causing SQL Query to fail when checking in universal mappings.
ERS-30521 Replaces existing OpenJDK 11 with Adoptium Temurin JDK 11.0.20+8.
ERS-30307 Resolves an issue causing ERDA to fail when some users run a Compare/Merge due to a null pointer.
RWP-10165 Simplifies the user interface of the login screen if Single Sign-On is not activated.
RWP-10164 Updates Tomcat to 9.074.
RWP-10080 Improves performance for Search Index Query for Attributes in a Submodel when publishing a model to Team Server.
RWP-10079 Improves performance for Search Index Query for Columns when publishing a model to Team Server.
RWP-9980 Improves performance for Search Index Query for Attachments when publishing a model to Team Server.
RWP-9017 Adds an option to the Configurator to remove Show Password.

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio 20.0.0

Issue # Description
ERS-30378 Resolves an issue causing some views to show as invalid in ERDA but valid in SQL Server.
ERS-30293 Adds support for Azure Synapse Analytics store procedure sp_helptext.
ERS-30191 Adds PostgreSQL smallserial datatype support on Reverse Engineering.
ERS-30154 MySQL Engine now is displayed in the Table Editor.
ERS-30112 Resolves an issue preventing some users from validating/parsing a trigger using the syntax datetime AT TIME ZONE 'xxx' AT TIME ZONE 'xxx' .
ERS-30107 Resolves an issue causing ERDA to fail when some users run a Compare/Merge between Logical and Physical models.
ERS-30053 Resolves an issue causing some users to be unable to modify an Attachment Binding value for a specific Entity.
ERS-29936 Resolves an issue causing static Verb Phrase labels when one parent/child Entity is outside of the Business Data Objects.
ERS-29915 Resolves an issue causing ERDA to not save the Max Entity Name Length when changing options in Logical models.
ERS-29888 Adds ribbon bar options to close, minimize, and restore currently-opened models.
ERS-29870 Repository Options dialog box now allows users to select whether to add DDL code to Team Server.
ERS-29869 Improves performance when saving Where Used Presentation Data during dm1 save.
ERS-29859 Adds standard keyboard controls for formatting.
ERS-29858 Resolves issues with inoperable keyboard shortcuts.
ERS-29857 Adds keyboard shortcuts to the ERDA Explorer pane tabs.
ERS-29832 Resolves an issue causing Relationship lines to become disconnected when expanding/contracting Business Data Objects.
ERS-29765 Improves Repository performance when working with the Data Dictionary.
ERS-29561 Resolves an issue causing incorrect repositioning of verbs with regard to meta-edge lines.
ERS-29555 Resolves an issue causing ERDA to fail when saving a file after previously deleting a BDO relationship.
ERS-29506 Includes the ability to change a Relationship Type for Containment Relationships in Google BigQuery and MongoDB.
ERS-29479 Improves the Create Index for Each FK Column macro.
ERS-29474 Resolves an issue causing some users to experience a failure when attempting to import an SQL file.
ERS-29473 Resolves an issue preventing retention of Containment Label positions when saving a model.
ERS-29469 JSON models now generate a .json file when using the Generate Database wizard.
ERS-29445 Updates ERDA Log4J to the latest version.
ERS-29324 Resolves an issue causing misalignment of meta-edge lines.
ERS-28979 Improves performance when upgrading the Diagram Data Version.
ERS-28944 Includes an improved Diagram Data Version Upgrade user interface.
ERS-28267 Improves performance when saving large, complex models.
ERS-28232 Resolves an issue causing creation of ALTER statements before the CREATE TABLE statement.
ERS-27827 Removes the Repo_Queries folder from installation.
ERS-27810 Resolves an issue causing Business Data Objects to misalign upon clicking Save.
ERS-26668 Resolves an issue causing a DD_Object_Row error when adding a diagram to the Repository.
ERS-26347 Resolves an issue with the Business Data Objects auto layout.
ERS-25967 Resolves an issue with the Business Data Objects layout after saving a model.
ERS-10587 Adds support for color and font-specific Attributes on Attribute Display Objects.
ERS-10178 Adds support for comments on View Columns in the View Editor.
RWP-9895 Updates Apache Struts to the latest version.
RWP-9830 Adds new tests to the actions performed by the Collibra Test Connection button.
RWP-9825 Adds Parent and Child Key columns to the list of relationships on the Submodel page.
RWP-9778 Adds a list of relationships for Primary Key and Foreign Key Columns and Attributes.
RWP-9773 Provides the ability to change Repository settings through the Configurator.
RWP-9750 Resolves an issue causing an error when deleting a Glossary containing a large number of terms.
RWP-9737 Changes Data Sources to Data Catalog in the Menu Visibility section of the Manage Group Permission page.
RWP-9734 Adds the ability to change Data Source Connection details in the Connection Properties section.
RWP-9733 Updates the Data Catalog tree with an alphabetical sort order for Data Assets and Data Groups.
RWP-9726 Updates the Datasources table in ER Objects to display associated Data Assets.
RWP-9722 Updates the object pages for Entities and Tables to display both Physical and Logical names.
RWP-9719 Resolves an issue causing no JSON script to appear in the DDL section of the ER Objects page after publishing a JSON Instance diagram.
RWP-9717 Secures against HTTP Security Header Not Detected vulnerability.
RWP-9716 Allows users to provide their own SSL certificate for the Repository for SSL connections.
RWP-9703 Updates ERTS Log4J to the latest version.
RWP-9702 Populates the Last Sync Date in Collibra after each sync.
RWP-9693 Resolves an issue causing exported CSV files to contain incorrect Boolean values.
RWP-9691 Adds the ability to search Terms in the View tab within Glossaries.
RWP-9667 Resolves an issue causing a failure during installation due to a long path.
RWP-9662 Improves the Model search behavior for Collibra and WhereScape integration.
RWP-9660 Improves performance of Collibra and WhereScape Model selection.
RWP-9659 Improves navigation for fields in a hierarchical structure.
RWP-9608 Resolved vulnerabilities to XML eXternal Entity injection.
RWP-9604 Updates jQuery to the latest version.
RWP-9603 Updates Bootstrap to 4.3.1.
RWP-9570 Adds Data Catalog option to Export to WhereScape XML for the physical data model attached to a selected Data Asset.
RWP-9533 Adds Parent Entity and Relationship details when you open a page for a Column or Attribute that is a Foreign Key.
RWP-9509 Resolves an issue preventing existing datasources from appearing in Team Server 19.1 after an upgrade unless the user upgraded the search index.
RWP-9504 Resolves an issue resulting in RTF tags appearing in results when using the top search bar.
RWP-9495 Adds Custom Properties to Glossary CSV import and export functionality.
RWP-9477 Adds Relationships to the Entity and Table pages.
RWP-9396 Resolves an issue preventing the Team Server filter limit from working properly in Results per Page.
RWP-9160 Resolves a security issue in Team Server Configurator.
RWP-9080 Resolves an issue preventing Reference Values from appearing in Attribute details when bound through a domain.
RWP-9003 Adds functionality to migrate user license types in bulk.
RWP-8710 Improves Team Server performance when managing non-specific relationships.

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio 19.3.5

Issue # Description
ERS-30633 Attribute names appear instead of default Column names when generating Physical models.
ERS-30632 Unified Attributes create duplicate columns when generating Physical models.
ERS-30627 Naming Standards Utility is slow and does not include all columns on models with views.
ERS-30626 View DDL is blank when generating a Physical model from a Logical model.
ERS-30623 View Columns disappear when validating the DDL with select * in Logical models.
ERS-30622 View DDL is invalid for large lists of columns.
ERS-30543 View Editor loads information in the wrong columns of the Attributes tab in Logical models.
ERS-30307 Resolve issues occurring when using the Compare/Merge utility.
ERS-30068 Improve native connection for MS SQL Server and Azure.
ERS-29033 Provide support for MFA for reverse engineering of Azure SQL DB and Synapse.
ERS-26542 Resolve color change of relationship lines after saving or checking in/out.

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio 19.3.4

Issue # Description
ERS-30065 PostgreSQL Table-level constraints generated incorrectly.
ERS-30042 JSON number field constraints must allow decimal values.
ERS-30040 JSON Strings with a format should not include width.
ERS-30039 Cannot set string without width in JSON.
ERS-30038 JSON format"date=time" incorrect syntax.
ERS-30037 Ability to select number of items in an array in JSON - minItems & maxItems.
ERS-30027 Attachment binding disappears from foreign Key when deleting other attributes.
ERS-29882 Reverse engineer schema selection button is disabled when trying to select an owner in Compare and Merge Utility wizard.
ERS-29861 CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW statement is generated insrtead of CREATE OR ALTER VIEW in the Alter Script after Compare and Merge against the SQL Server database.
ERS-29417 Timestamp(0) showing up as Timestamp without precision when generating databases.
ERS-29414 Numeric(0,0) columns are being reversed as NUMERIC(10,0).

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio 19.3.3

Issue # Description
ERS-29426 Role names are not propagated for Containment lines.
RWP-9966 Batch publishing diagram fails.
RWP-9919 Team Server displays <!%_EMBT_REPO_OVERFLOW_%!> for attachments where the text is too long.
RWP-9757 Hide the Foreign Key property for Containment Relationships.
RWP-9631 Provide OKTA SSO support for Team Server log in.
RWP-9521 Security improvements.
RWP-9218 Parent and Child Entities to be listed for Relationship lines.
RWP-8992 REST API performance improvements.
RWP-7996 Incorrect user email address for LDAP Single Sign-On users.
RWP-7973 Provide Azure AD SSO support for Team Server log in.

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio 19.3.2

Issue # Description
ERS-29864 Naming standards template not applied properly during Generate Physical Model for JSON.
ERS-29796 JSON string becomes NVARCHAR despite datatypes mappings.
ERS-29795 Fields do not inherit correct width from Domain for JSON.
ERS-29568 Bad characters in Descriptions making JSON Schema invalid.
RWP-9897 Collibra sync fails for large number of Asset Properties on Collibra side.
RWP-9826 Cannot create logical-to-physical relationships in Collibra.
RWP-9606 Security improvements.

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio 19.3.1

Issue # Description
ERS-30606 ENH: Use drop-down list for logical or physical names when setting up a transformation in a data lineage.
ERS-29609 Reverse engineer SQL Server views: Definitions are truncated to 8000 characters.
ERS-29597 Single-platform license for JSON does not show JSON Instance platform.
ERS-29567 Bound reference values not appearing in enum in JSON schema.
ERS-29274 Unique constraint name missing when generating the DDL.
ERS-29247 Views appear as invalid after upgrading to 19.1.
ERS-29238 SQL Import datatypes not parsed when brackets are in DDL.
ERS-29237 Entity Name box issues.
ERS-29231 Creating a database does not generate NOT NULL for IDENTITY.
ERS-29219 ERDA crashes when reverse engineering scalar-valued function in SQL Server 2016 SP2.
ERS-29146 Import from SQL file causes timestamp columns to appear as CHAR(10).
ERS-28941 Compare and Merge, and Temporal Tables issues.
ERS-28036 Need ability to model a JSON structure containing embedded objects.
RWP-9804 Cannot move from General Settings page in Collibra Integration.
RWP-9681 WhereScape 3D exports bad XML.

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio 19.3

Issue # Description
ERS-29609 In the Reverse-Engineer SQL Server Views, definitions are truncated to 8000 characters.
ERS-29597 Single-platform license for JSON does not show JSON Instance platform.
ERS-29567 Bound reference values not appearing in Enum in JSON Schema.
ERS-29274 Unique constraint name missing when generating the DDL.
ERS-29247 After upgrading to version 19.1, views are showing invalid.
ERS-29238 SQL Import datatypes not parsed when brackets are in DDL.
ERS-29237 Entity Editor Entity Name field does not allow scrolling to the right.
ERS-29231 Creating a database does not generate NOT NULL for IDENTITY.
ERS-29146 Import from SQL file causes timestamp columns to show up as CHAR(10).
ERS-28941 Compare and Merge does not return Temporal Tables data correctly.

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio 19.2.2

Issue # Description
RWP-8110 Resolves an issue causing HTML code to appear in the Definition field when exporting reports to .pdf or .xlsx.
RWP-8914 Resolved an issue preventing non-admin users from saving reports.
RWP-9472 Improved the error message displayed when an unauthorized user attempts to harvest Business Terms.
RWP-9573 Resolved an issue causing Pentaho reports to return no results for Glossary Objects.
RWP-9606 Resolved existing Cross-site Scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities.
RWP-9607 Added code to ensure authentication in requests for state-changing operations.
RWP-9650 Removes the user prompt and automatically uses the existing backup when upgrading from ER/Studio 19.1 to 19.2.
RWP-9707 Resolves an issue preventing users from publishing to Collibra due to a unified attribute.

Bugs Fixed in ER/Studio 19.2

Issue # Description
ERS-27243 Resolves an issue causing the validation results window to scrolls to the right by default.
ERS-27969 Resolves an issue causing ERDA to truncate anything with the word CAST in DDL.
ERS-28186 Resolves an issue causing a macro error when using BusinessDataObjects.Count.
ERS-28282 Resolves an issue preventing users form editing tables containing Korean characters.
ERS-28314 Resolves an issue causing a PostgreSQL VARCHAR Off by 4 error.
ERS-28326 Adds support for CREATE OR ALTER VIEW.
ERS-28488 Resolves an issue in Redshift preventing DDL generation from generating Constraint name.
ERS-28640 Resolves an issue preventing macro shortcuts on the Ribbon Bar from properly working.
ERS-28709 Resolves an issue preventing Partition Type information from a proper save when reverse engineering.
ERS-28809 Resolves an error in the macro when getting object lists from models.
ERS-28889 Resolves an error in PostgreSQL reverse engineering stating the parameter is incorrect.
ERS-28913 Resolves an issue causing DDL generation to create history tables after the temporal tables.
ERS-28930 Resolves an issue causing the precision of datetime2 datatype to reset to 0 after SQL import.
ERS-28936 Resolves an issue causing the index to disappear form the model when checking in to the repository.
ERS-28938 Resolves an issue preventing reverse engineering of Azure SQL Database defaults.
ERS-28939 Adds a Compare and Merge exclude option for Extended Properties tabs.
ERS-28946 Resolves an issue causing only one extended property to generate when importing multiple extended properties from SQL for SQL Server.
ERS-28958 Resolves an issue causing truncation when reverse engineering Procedure definitions longer than 8000 characters.
ERS-28990 Resolves an issue causing a crash upgrading a diagram during CTE updates.
ERS-28996 Resolves an issue causing the Business Term warning dialog to appear when creating a domain with a new attribute.
ERS-29001 Resolves an issue causing a loss of Chinese characters.
ERS-29017 Resolves an issue preventing Redshift SQL Import from reading constraint names.
ERS-29023 Resolves an issue preventing Redshift comments from importing from a SQL file.
ERS-29027 Resolves an issue causing a missing Table name in an IDENTITY_INSERT statement after a merge.
ERS-29048 Resolves an issue resulting in missing generated ALTER script.
ERS-29051 Resolves an issue resulting an a blank compare script generation after making changes to two tables.
ERS-29068 Resolves an issue causing missing definitions in the CREATE table merge script.
ERS-29132 Resolves an issue causing the Entity editor to be unusable when logged into Team Server with many terms.
RWP-8872 Corrects the format when displaying bold/italic content in Glossary definitions.
RWP-9217 Resolves an issue causing some migrations to ERTS 18.5 to fail due to a large amount of CLOB to CHAR or BLOB to RAW data.
RWP-9307 Resolves an issue causing some diagrams to lose relationship lines in the Team Server Interactive Viewer.
RWP-9351 Resolves an issue causing GET calls on SQL Server repositories to fail in diagrams with many universal mappings.
RWP-9439 Resolves an issue causing carriage return characters to appear in rectangular shapes in Team Server.
RWP-9452 Resolves an issue causing a typo to leads to Workspace Publishing errors.
RWP-9463 Improves performance for Diagram upgrade and publishing.
RWP-9535 Resolves an issue preventing users from creating large Models in Collibra.
RWP-9536 Resolves an issue preventing Collibra relationships from appearing.

Known Issues

Issue # Description
ERS-29737 Max length of strings and other datatypes not handled in Google BigQuery.
ERS-29748 The Description column text from Google BigQuery isn't displayed in the Definition tab after reverse engineering for RECORD fields.
ERS-29793 Function with description fails when reverse engineering in Google BigQuery.
ERS-29805 Blank Alter script is generated when you attempt to compare or merge a table without a clustering key against a live database where a table with a clustering key exists.
ERS-29877 JSON Instance file generation produces invalid JSON.
ERS-29881 An Inheritance relationship is created instead of an Identifying relationship in the Logical model after adding the relationship from the Data Model tree.
ERS-29882 The Compare and Merge Utility wizard reverse-engineer schema selection button is disabled when trying to select an owner.
ERS-29906 JSON Schema file generation produces invalid JSON Schema for ExclusiveMinimum field.
ERS-29913 Data from a previous Check Out dialog appears when attempting to check in a diagram.
ERS-29914 Text fields that should be hidden appear when navigating from Native/Direct Connection to ODBC in the Reverse-Engineering wizard.
RWP-9862 Rolled-up view for JSON model does not display properly in Submodel image.
RWP-9874 Term definition with different font styles is displayed in HTML format in the Business Term Selector wizard.
RWP-9878 Diagrams listed alphabetically but it is case sensitive on the Model Selection page when publishing diagrams for WhereScape.
RWP-9884 Incorrect friendly_name appears in Team Server in the DDL section after publishing a diagram.

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