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The DataSet components are those components that inherit from the DataSet class. These components are designed to provide data so you can easily work with it, either directly with PHP, or with data-aware components.

The DataSet class is not tied to any specific structure or server. That means that although allthe built-in DataSet components in HTML5 Builder work with databases, you can create a DataSet subclass or component that works against PHP arrays or plain text files.


Access the Fields

You can access fields by name:


Server-side Features

Properties, Methods and Events

Documented in the RPCL Reference.


Query.png Query
An SQL query which is performed on a Database.
Table.png Table
A table from a database.
StoredProc.png StoredProc
A procedure stored in a database.

Help Resources

Sample Applications

In the following folders inside the sample applications directory you will find projects covering this component:

  • Data Aware/DatasetEvents. Showcase of the events provided by DataSet components.

Tip: These are sample applications covering features common to every DataSet component. See also the documentation for the different DataSet components available for additional sample applications.