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The Edit component is a multiline input field where user can enter different types of textual content.


Prevent Enter from Submitting the Form

When you hit the Enter key and the focus is on the Edit control, the form page is submited by default. You can prevent this behavior associating the following code to the client-side OnKeyPress event of the control:

if(event.keyCode == 13)
    return false;

Client-side Features

The component generates the following client-side DOM elements:

  • Wrapper (HTMLDivElement). Access it with $("#ComponentName_outer").get()[0].

Client-side Events

This component inherits the following client-side events:

Server-side Features


In addition to its own properties (documented below), this component also inherits the following properties:


The type of input the Edit control expects. The possible values are:

  • ceEmail. An email address input.
  • cePassword. A password input.
  • ceSearch. Search terms input.}}
  • ceTelephone. A telephone number input.
  • ceText. A textual input (default).
  • ceURL. An URL input.

Server-side Events

This component inherits the following server-side events: