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File > New > Other

Use this dialog box to create a new project or other entity. The "New Items" dialog box displays project templates that are stored in HTML5 Builder Object Repository.

Item Description
Item Categories Click a folder displayed in the "Item Categories" pane to display the types of entities that you can create.

The New dialog shows a categorized list of items you can create, this dialog remembers the last category selected for the last item created (only in the current session, not stored on the registry).

Any new item created must have a unique name on its contents, for example, units are created Unit1.php Unit2.php and so on, to generate a new name for a unit, a list is created by checking if a projectgroup is active, and adding all the unit filenames to that list, if no project is open, the open files will be the list to check against.

After that, once a free unit name is selected, the name is checked against the default projects dir filenames, to search for a free one and then, is checked again with the files list to find a real free one.

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