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RPCL packages define components you can add to your applications from the Tool Palette. HTML5 Builder includes some built-in components, but you can also use your own or third-party packages if you want, you just need to install them on HTML5 Builder.


To install a third-party or custom RPCL package into HTML5 Builder:

  1. Copy the files of the package into HTML5 Builder’s RPCL directory.

    Note: It is recommended that you place them on a subfolder to separate them from the rest of the RPCL code.

  2. From HTML5 Builder, go to Home > Packages, and click AddPackageIcon.png.
  3. Locate your package file (.package.php), select it and click Open.

Disable or Enable

To disable a package so its components do not show up in HTML5 Builder, go to Home > Packages and remove the mark from the checkbox for the target package.

To enable a disabled package, just mark the checkbox again.


To remove an RPCL package from HTML5 Builder, go to Home > Packages, select the target package and click RemovePackageIcon.png.

The package will not be available on HTML5 Builder anymore, although it won’t be removed from the filesystem.


If you changed the source code of a package, follow any of these methods to get HTML5 Builder to read the changes:

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