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A Project Group is a list of projects grouped together. Grouping projects allows you to easily access related projects, so you can easily switch between those projects during development. That would be the active project of the group, displayed with bold font on the Project Manager.

A project group can be saved to a file, which is an INI file listing all its sub-projects. Its file extension is .groupproj.


Tip: Projects management is easier from the Project Manager.


You can save any modification on the current project group, including all its files and projects, from File > Save All.


To close the current project group, go to File > Close All.

Note: When closing a new or modified project group, project or file, you will be asked whether you want to save the changes.

Add a Project

To add a project to a project group, go to Project > Add Existing Project…, select a project file and click OK.