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The ActionList component is an action manager you can use to control unit actions.


When your page is loaded, if the query string on the URL sets the Name property of an existing ActionList component to a value available among the Actions defined for that same ActionList component, component’s OnExecute event will be triggered. From the event function, you can get the name of the action triggering the event from $params['action'].

For example, say you have an ActionList component with its Name set to ‘action’ and its Actions array containing the following action names: ‘showPage’, ‘updatePage’. Now, imagine your page containing the ActionList is located at page.php. If user opens that page with a call containing action=showPage on the query string, like page.php?action=showPage, ActionList’s OnExecute event will be triggered. You can define its event handler function like this:

function actionExecute($sender, $params)
    case 'showPage':
      // We make an imaginary ‘Page1’ component visible:
      $this->Page1->Visible = true;
    case 'updatePage':
      // Here would be the code to manage the ‘updatePage’ action.

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Documented in the RPCL Reference.