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This page covers deployment of mobile applications for BlackBerry devices.

Export your Project


Go to Home > Deploy to Mobile, and follow these steps:

  1. On the Welcome page, choose BlackBerry as target device and click Next.
  2. On the Application Setup page:
    1. Set Index page to the page to be displayed first when users run your application.
    2. In the Application name field, type your application’s name.
    3. In the Company name field, type the name of your company.
    4. Click Next.
  3. On the BlackBerry Graphics page, you can setup icons and splash screens for your application.
    1. To choose an image file for a field:
      1. Click .
      2. Go to image’s location, and select it.
      3. Click OK.
    2. Click Next.
  4. On the Target Destination page:

    Note: The folder you choose will be where all files and folders will be generated. You might want to create a new folder for your build.

    1. Optionally, change destination folder:
      1. Click .
      2. Go to folders location, and click OK.
    2. Click Next.


On the Export page, your PhoneGap folder will be exported to the destination folder as www, and archived as a Your file there too. Wait for the process to finish.

There are some things you might want to do on the www folder before you continue, some of the possibilities are listed below.

Once you are ready, if you changed anything on the www folder, generate a new Your archive with its contents (there are several tools you can use for that task).

Warning: You must create the archive from the contents of the www folder, not from the folder itself.

External Resources

If you included in your application any external resources, like image files, you must copy them into www.

Screen Orientation

By default, your application is supposed to work both on portrait and landscape orientations. If you want to support only one orientation, edit the config.xml file you will find inside the www folder, and add the following line inside the <widget></widget> tags:

<rim:orientation mode="orientation"/>

Replace orientation by either portrait or landscape.

Build your Application

Once the PhoneGap project folder is ready, you can build the final application either remotely, using the PhoneGap Build service, or locally. If your system is configured to build BlackBerry applications, you will be given both choices. Else, the PhoneGap Build service will be selected for you.

See PhoneGap Build for instructions on how to build your application remotely, or continue reading to build it locally.

Local Build


Note: You must prepare your system to build your applications locally. See BlackBerry Setup.

To build your exported PhoneGap project for BlackBerry:

  1. Open a terminal: Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Symbol.

    Warning: In Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 your must run it as administrator.

  2. Run <BlackBerry NDK installation directory>\bbndk-env_<version>.bat, where:
    • <BlackBerry NDK installation directory> is the directory where you installed the Native SDK for BlackBerry, such as C:\bbndk.
    • <version> is the version of the NDK that you are using, such as 10_2_0_1155.
  3. Run <exported folder>\cordova\build <build mode> -k <password> -p <exported folder>\project.json, where:
    • <exported folder> is the destination folder that you select in the Target Destination page of the Deploy to Mobile wizard.
    • <build mode> is either "debug" or "release".
    • <password> is your signing password. You do not need this password when the build mode is "debug".

You will find your application in <exported folder>\build\device\<project name>.bar. You can now deploy that .bar file to the App World. To do so, check the steps in BlackBerry Documentation:

Note: When building for debug, you may get several warnings. You can safely ignore them.

To run your application, see Deploy to a simulator and Deploy to a device in the BlackBerry WebWorks documentation.

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