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The Documentation Deployment lets you generate API documentation for your application from PHPDoc comments in your code. You can access the wizard from Home > Document.


Configure the options so they fit your needs, and click Generate Documentation to start generating the documentation.


The following options are available on the wizard:


Documentation Title

Is the title for your documentation project, used in both the top menu an the main page.

Source Folder

The documentation will be generated from the files found inside this folder. It defaults to your project’s source folder.

Files to ignore

Comma-separated list of files in the source folder to be ignored when generating the documentation. You can use wilcards: * (any number of characters) and ? (a single character).

Samples Folder

Path to the folder containing the sample code files referenced from your source code documentation (using @example).

Default Package Name

Package name for those classes for which @package is not set.


Output Folder

The documentation generaed will be placed inside this folder.

Output Type

Output format. You can choose between CHM, HTML (default), PDF and XML.


Converter to be used, to choose between frames (default) and Smarty (phpDocumentor template engine).


Template to use. rpcl (default) recognizes properties, events, and more. Available templates will depend on the converter you choose.

Generate Highlighted Source Code

Whether or not the source code should use syntax highlight. This option is enabled by default.