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Mobile Hardware Components give you access to mobile hardware features such as camera or GPS. When in the Designer, you can find them listed on the Tool Palette pane. These components can only be added to mobile pages.


MAccelerometer.png MAccelerometer
Capture device three-dimensional motion relative to device orientation.
MCamera.png MCamera
Access device’s default camera application.
MCompass.png MCompass
Get the direction the device is pointing at.
MGeolocation.png MGeolocation
Watch device’s GPS sensor activity.
MContacts.png MContacts
Access device’s contacts database.
MPageEvents.png MPageEvents
Manage page state events, namely when page is ready, paused or resumed.
MPageExtraEvents.png MPageExtraEvents
Manage device buttons events, namely clicks on back button, menu button and search button.
Manage a database.
MDBTransaction.png MDBTransaction
Perform a transaction against an MDB object.
MFileReader.png MFileReader
Read a file.
MFileWriter.png MFileWriter
Write to a file.
MFileEntry.png MFileEntry
A file on device’s file system.
MDirectoryEntry.png MDirectoryEntry
A directory on device’s file system.
MDirectoryReader.png MDirectoryReader
List directory content, files and folders.
MFileSystem.png MFileSystem.
Device’s file system.
MFileTransfer.png MFileTransfer
Upload files to a server.
MCapture.png MCapture
Access image, audio, and video capture capabilities of the device.
MNotification.png MNotification
Use device notifications.
MConnection.png MConnection
Access device’s cellular and WiFi connection information. It has a visual representation, similar to a label.
MDevice.png MDevice
Get device information, software and hardware. It has a visual representation, similar to a label.

Help Resources

Sample Applications

On the PhoneGap folder inside the sample applications directory you will find a project showcasing Mobile Hardware Components:

  • PhoneGapExamples.phprj. Covers many features of mobile hardware components.