Data.Bind.DBXScope.TParamsAdapter Properties

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ActivepublishedSpecifies whether or not the source adapter is active.
AutoEditpublicSpecifies whether the source adapter can call the Edit method automatically.
AutoPostpublishedSpecifies whether the source adapter can post fields automatically.
BOFpublicIndicates if the source adapter is positioned at the first record.
CanActivatepublicIndicates if the source adapter can be activated.
CanApplyUpdatespublicIndicates if the source adapter can apply updates.
CanCancelUpdatespublicSpecifies whether the source adapter can cancel updates.
CanDeletepublicSpecifies whether the source adapter can delete data.
CanInsertpublicDetermines whether the source adapter can insert data.
CanModifypublicIndicates if the source adapter can modify data.
CanRefreshpublicIndicates if the source adapter can refresh data.
ComObjectpublicSpecifies the interface reference implemented by the component.
ComponentCountpublicIndicates the number of components owned by the component.
ComponentIndexpublicIndicates the position of the component in its owner's Components property array.
ComponentspublicLists all components owned by the component.
ComponentStatepublicDescribes the current state of the component, indicating when a component needs to avoid certain actions.
ComponentStylepublicGoverns the behavior of the component.
CurrentpublicIndicates the current source adapter object.
CurrentIndexpublicIndicates the index of the current active data item including the index offset.
DesignInfopublicContains information used by the Form designer.
DisposedprotectedDisposed is a read-only property that shows the current state of this object.
EmptypublicIndicates if there are no data items in the source adapter.
EofpublicIndicates if the source adapter is positioned in the last record.
FieldspublicHolds the list of fields of the source adapter.
ItemCountpublicIndicates the number of data items of the source adapter.
ItemIndexpublicIndicates the index of the active data item.
ItemIndexOffsetpublicIndicates the offset of the item index.
ModifiedpublicIndicates if the source adapter has been modified.
NamepublishedSpecifies the name of the component as referenced in code.
ObserverspublicIndicates the TObservers object added to the TComponent.
OwnerpublicIndicates the component that is responsible for streaming and freeing this component.
ScopespublicStores the list of bind sources of the adapter.
StatepublicStores the state of the source adapter.
TagpublishedStores a NativeInt integral value as a part of a component.
VCLComObjectpublicRepresents information used internally by components that support COM.