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Contains classes that implement the API that is usable with cloud computing technologies.

Package CloudService280.bpl


TCloudAuthenticationBase class for building a signed Authorization String.
TCloudConnectionInfoBase connection information class for cloud services.
TCloudHTTPThe TCloudHTTP class is used to provide HTTP client functionality.
TCloudQueueMessageRepresents a single message in a cloud service queue.
TCloudResponseInfoClass meant to be populated with useful information from an HTTP response.
TCloudServiceBase cloud service class, providing useful common functionality.
TCloudSHA1AuthenticationImplementation of TCloudAuthentication specific to the SHA1 algorithm.
TCloudSHA256AuthenticationImplementation of TCloudAuthentication, specific to the SHA256 algorithm.
TCloudTableColumnRepresents a single cell of a cloud service table.
TCloudTableRowRepresents a single row of a cloud service table.


Decode64 (deprecated)Decodes a Base64-encoded string.
DecodeBytes64 (deprecated)Decodes a Base64-encoded string.
Encode64 (deprecated)Base64-encodes the specified string.
EncodeBytes64 (deprecated)Base64-encodes the specified bytes.
GetChildTextReturns the text contained within the child element.
GetFirstMatchingChildNodeHelper function that returns the first child node of the given name.
PopulateKeyValuePairs (deprecated)Populates the provided string list with key/value pairs.
URLEncodeURL-encodes the specified string.
XMLEscape (deprecated)Escapes reserved XML characters in the string.


TCloudQueueUsed as an identifier for a single queue.