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function PSGetUpdateException(E: Exception; Prev: EUpdateError): EUpdateError;


virtual EUpdateError* __fastcall PSGetUpdateException _DEPRECATED_ATTRIBUTE0 (System::Sysutils::Exception* E, EUpdateError* Prev) = 0 ;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Data.DB IProviderSupport


Warning: PSGetUpdateException is deprecated. Please use IProviderSupportNG.

Generates an EUpdateError object based on another exception object.

The provider component calls PSGetUpdateException when the exception E occurs while applying updates. This method allows the provider to create a single EUpdateError object that encapsulates all the exceptions that occur in an update operation.

PSGetUpdateError determines the error message, context string, and error code from the exception specified by E and creates a new EUpdateError exception that includes that information as well as the information about a previous error as specified by Prev. The context string and error code for E may be specific to the Exception class associated with the dataset. By default, TDataSet generates an EUpdateError with an error code of 1 and an empty context string.

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