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property DataSets[Index: Integer]: TDataSet read GetDataSet;


__property TDataSet* DataSets[int Index] = {read=GetDataSet};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Data.DB TCustomConnection


Lists the datasets currently using this connection component.

Use DataSets to access the datasets that are currently using the connection component. Depending on the TCustomConnection descendant, DataSets may include only the active datasets that use the connection component (as is the case with TDatabase and TSQLConnection), or it may list all datasets, regardless of whether they are active (as is the case with TADODatabase and DataSnap connection components TSOAPConnection). If DataSets includes only active datasets, its value changes when datasets are opened and closed.

Note: If a client dataset with an internal provider (for example TSQLClientDataSet or TBDEClientDataSet) uses the connection component to connect to a database server, DataSets lists the internal dataset that the client dataset creates to access data, not the client dataset itself.

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