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property FieldDefs: TFieldDefs read FFieldDefs write SetFieldDefs;


__property TFieldDefs* FieldDefs = {read=FFieldDefs, write=SetFieldDefs};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Data.DB TDataSet


Points to the list of field definitions for the dataset.

FieldDefs lists the field definitions for a dataset. While an application can examine FieldDefs to explore the field definitions for a dataset, it should not change these definitions unless creating a new table with CreateTable or CreateDataSet.

To access fields and field values in a dataset, use the Fields, AggFields, and FieldValues properties, and the FieldsByName method.

Note: If the dataset includes object field descendants, FieldDefs represents a hierarchical view of the data, meaning that the definitions include object field definitions. To determine the definitions in a flattened view, use FieldDefList instead.

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