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property FilterOptions: TFilterOptions read FFilterOptions write SetFilterOptions default [];


__property TFilterOptions FilterOptions = {read=FFilterOptions, write=SetFilterOptions, default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property public
Data.DB TDataSet


Specifies whether or not filtering is case insensitive, and whether or not partial comparisons are permitted when filtering records.

Set FilterOptions to specify whether or not filtering is case insensitive when filtering on string or character fields, and whether or not partial comparisons for matching filter conditions is allowed.

Note: Because unidirectional datasets do not support filters, when you set the FilterOptions property of a unidirectional dataset, it raises an exception.

By default, FilterOptions is set to an empty set. For filters based on string fields, set FilterOptions to foCaseInsensitive to catch all variations on a string regardless of capitalization.

When a string in a filter ends with an asterisk (*), it can be used to match partial strings. To disable matching of partial strings and to treat the asterisk as a literal character in string comparisons, set FilterOptions to include foNoPartialCompare.

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