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TFieldDefList = class(TFlatList)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TFieldDefList : public TFlatList


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Data.DB Data.DB


TFieldDefList lists the field definition (TFieldDef) objects of a dataset in a flattened form.

TFieldDefList is used by a dataset to implement its FieldDefList property. This object lists field definitions in a flattened format.

With object field types, such as TADTField and TArrayField, there are two ways to represent the field definitions: hierarchically or flattened. When represented hierarchically, object field definitions contain a set of child definitions for the constituent subfields. When represented as a flattened set, child field definitions appear as siblings sequentially after the parent field definition.

TFieldDefList stores the flattened field definitions of a dataset. This is a linear representation of the data, and is in contrast to TFieldDefs which has a hierarchical representation of the data.

TFieldDefList is a descendant of TStringList. The strings in this string list are the names of fields. The objects that correspond to those strings are the TFieldDef objects.

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