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TDBXDelegateCommand = class(TDBXCommand)


class PASCALIMPLEMENTATION TDBXDelegateCommand : public Data::Dbxcommon::TDBXCommand


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
class public
Data.DBXDelegate Data.DBXDelegate


Class to execute SQL statements and stored procedures.

Data.DBXDelegate.TDBXDelegateCommand inherits from Data.DBXCommon.TDBXCommand. All content below this line refers to Data.DBXCommon.TDBXCommand.

Class to execute SQL statements and stored procedures.

The TDBXCommand class is typically used to execute SQL statements and stored procedures.

The TDBXCommand.Text property is set to the desired command to execute.

Parameters can be added and accessed through the TDBXCommand.Parameters property. Parameters can be created by calling the TDBXCommand.CreateParameter method.

TDBXCommand can also execute other types of commands. The TDBXCommandTypes class lists constants for common command types. Because the command type is represented as a String, driver implementations can use TDBXCommandTypes as a namespace to create additional types of commands. For example, the TDBXPool delegate driver has a command type that allows a command to return a TDBXReader with information on the active connection pools.

TDBXCommand instances can be created by calling one of the TDBXConnection.CreateCommandmethods. As soon as an application is finished using a command, the TDBXCommand.Free method must be called. This releases memory for the command and any associated resources.

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