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function CompareStrings(const S1, S2: string): Integer; override;


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function protected System.Classes.pas Data.DBXPlatform TDBXStringList


Compares two strings.

Data.DBXPlatform.TDBXStringList.CompareStrings inherits from System.Classes.TStrings.CompareStrings. All content below this line refers to System.Classes.TStrings.CompareStrings.

Compares two strings.

TStrings uses CompareStrings internally to compare the values of strings that appear in the list. For example, the IndexOf and IndexOfName methods use CompareStrings to compare a specified string with the strings in the list.

S1 and S2 are the strings to compare.

CompareStrings returns a value less than 0 if S1 < S2, 0 if S1 == S2, and a value greater than 0 if S1 > S2.

As implemented in TStrings, CompareStrings uses the global AnsiCompareText function, which compares strings case insensitively. Some descendant classes override this method to change the way strings are compared (for example, to introduce case sensitivity).

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