Data.SqlExpr.TFLDDesc Fields

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FCalcFieldpublicSpecifies whether the field is a Calculated field.
FFldNumpublicSpecifies the field number.
FFLDRightspublicSpecifies the field rights.
FFldTypepublicSpecifies the type of the field.
FFLDVchkpublicSpecifies whether the field has value check.
FLenpublicSpecifies the length of the field, in bytes.
FNamepublicSpecifies the field's name.
FNullOffsetpublicSpecifies the offset for null bits.
FOffsetpublicSpecifies the offset in the record.
FSubTypepublicSpecifies the subtype of the field.
FUnits1publicSpecifies the number of chars or of digits.
FUnits2publicSpecifies the precision of the field.