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property OnRollbackTransComplete: TConnectErrorEvent read FOnRollbackTransComplete write FOnRollbackTransComplete;


__property TConnectErrorEvent OnRollbackTransComplete = {read=FOnRollbackTransComplete, write=FOnRollbackTransComplete};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event published
Data.Win.ADODB TADOConnection


Occurs after rolling back a transaction.

Write an OnRollbackTransComplete event handler to take specific action after an attempt to roll back a transaction has successfully completed. The OnRollbackTransComplete event fires after the corresponding operation (rolling back a transaction) has executed at the ADO Connection object. Calling the RollbackTrans method will lead to this event occurring.

Error is an ADO Error object. See the Microsoft Data Access SDK for more information on using ADO Error objects. The Error parameter is only set if an error occurred during execution of the operation that triggered the event. In this case, the EventStatus parameter will contain the indicating value esErrorsOccured.

The EventStatus value (ADO EventStatusEnum) indicates the success or failure of the execution of the operation that triggered the event.

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