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property Prepared: Boolean read GetPrepared write SetPrepared default False;


__property bool Prepared = {read=GetPrepared, write=SetPrepared, default=0};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
property protected
Data.Win.ADODB TCustomADODataSet


Specifies whether the command is prepared before execution.

Set Prepared before calling the Open method to specify whether ADO prepares the command used to create the dataset’s recordset.

If Prepared is set to True and the dataset component is connected to a data store, ADO prepares the command before executing it. This implies keeping the parameters' part of the query command in a separate buffer for fast future access, avoiding the insertion of the query parameters into the command each time.

If Prepared is set to False, ADO does not prepare the command.

The default value of Prepared is False.

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