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function Supports(CursorOptions: TCursorOptions): Boolean;


bool __fastcall Supports(TCursorOptions CursorOptions);


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
function public
Data.Win.ADODB TCustomADODataSet


Indicates whether a dataset supports certain types of operations.

Call Supports to determine whether the active recordset supports the cursor operations specified in CursorOptions. Supports will indicate the active recordset, as defined, will support such cursor functionality as adding new rows, using ADO bookmarks, deleting rows, and updating rows. Other cursor functionality can be specified.

CursorOptions specifies one or more TCursorOptions cursor operations.

If the recordset is active Supports returns a boolean whether the specified cursor operations are supported by the recordset. If all specified cursor operations are supported, Supports returns true, otherwise Supports returns false (one or more of the specified cursor operations are not supported by the recordset).