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property OnReconcileError: TReconcileErrorEvent read FOnReconcileError write FOnReconcileError;


__property TReconcileErrorEvent OnReconcileError = {read=FOnReconcileError, write=FOnReconcileError};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event protected
Datasnap.DBClient TCustomClientDataSet


Occurs when a client dataset needs to reconcile an update to a record that could not be applied.

Write an OnReconcileError event handler to respond to error conditions that arise when the Reconcile method cycles through records that could not be applied to the database. This event handles only those update errors that were not handled in an OnUpdateError event handler.

The OnReconcileError event handler is called once for each record that could not be applied to the dataset or handled by the provider.

Warning: A provider cannot detect when an update conflicts with another user's changes to a memo field. This situation does not generate an OnReconcileError event.

OnReconcileError is an event handler of type Datasnap.DBClient.TReconcileErrorEvent.

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