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property OnGetUsername: TGetUsernameEvent read FOnGetUsername write FOnGetUsername;


__property TGetUsernameEvent OnGetUsername = {read=FOnGetUsername, write=FOnGetUsername};


Type Visibility Source Unit Parent
event protected
Datasnap.DBClient TCustomRemoteServer


Occurs immediately before the remote login dialog.

Write an OnGetUsername event handler to initialize the user name in the remote login dialog that appears when the LoginPrompt property is true. Set the Username parameter to provide the initial value for the user name. If no OnGetUsername event handler is provided, the user name is initialized to an empty string.

The remote login dialog occurs immediately before a new connection is established to the application server. If the user cancels from that dialog, the connection attempt is aborted.

Note: The OnGetUsername event does not occur unless the LoginPrompt property is true.

OnGetUsername is an event handler of type Datasnap.DBClient.TGetUsernameEvent.

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