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Defines interfaces that define the structure for REST cached datasets, items, JSON arrays, objects and values, cached objects, parameters or streams. Also defines classes that implement these interfaces and provide further functionality, such as DataSnap REST client callbacks, REST commands, REST connection components, login properties and related functionality.

Package DataSnapClient270.bpl


IDSRestCachedCommandDefines the structure of the TDSRestCachedItem class.
IDSRestCachedDataSetDefines the structure of the TDSRestCachedDataSet class.
IDSRestCachedDBXReaderDefines the structure of the TDSRestCachedDBXReader class.
IDSRestCachedItemDefines the structure of the TDSRestCachedItem class.
IDSRestCachedJSONArrayDefines the structure of the TDSRestCachedJSONArray class.
IDSRestCachedJSONObjectDefines the structure of the TDSRestCachedJSONObject class.
IDSRestCachedJSONValueDefines the structure of the TDSRestCachedJSONValue class.
IDSRestCachedObjectDefines the structure of the TDSRestCachedObject class.
IDSRestCachedParamsDefines the structure of the TDSRestCachedParams class.
IDSRestCachedStreamDefines the structure of the TDSRestCachedStream class.
TDSCustomRestConnectionBase class for REST connection components.
TDSRestCacheCommandImplements DataSnap REST cached field parameters.
TDSRestCachedDataSetImplements DataSnap REST cached datasets.
TDSRestCachedDBXReaderImplements DataSnap REST cached dbExpress table rows readers.
TDSRestCachedItemImplements DataSnap REST cached items.
TDSRestCachedJSONArrayImplements DataSnap REST cached JSON arrays.
TDSRestCachedJSONObjectImplements DataSnap REST cached JSON objects.
TDSRestCachedJSONValueImplements DataSnap REST cached JSON value.
TDSRestCachedObjectImplements DataSnap REST cached objects.
TDSRestCachedParamsImplements DataSnap REST cached field parameters.
TDSRestCachedStreamImplements DataSnap REST cached streams.
TDSRestCallbackLoopImplements DataSnap REST callback loops.
TDSRestClientCallbackImplements DataSnap REST client callbacks.
TDSRestClientChannelImplements callback registering operations.
TDSRestCommandImplements DataSnap REST commands.
TDSRestConnectionDataSnap REST connection component.
TDSRestExceptionTDSRestException is the exception class for DataSnap REST exceptions.
TDSRestLoginPropertiesDataSnap REST login properties.
TDSRestProtocolExceptionException class for DataSnap REST protocol exceptions.


TDSRESTChannelEventItemEvent item passed in through the TDSRESRChannelEvent to provide tunnel event information.
TDSRESTChannelEventTypeUser event type for notification of callback channel events, such as create and close.
TDSRestParameterMetaDataMetadata about a parameter or about a return value of a server method, including the name of the parameter, its type, and more.
TDSRestParameterMetaDataArrayArray of DataSnap REST parameter metadata records.
TDSRestResponseStreamProcProcedure to implement for handling the return of a TStream.
TDSTestConnectionOptionEnumeration of DataSnap connection options.
TDSTestConnectionOptionsSet of options to control the behavior of TDSCustomRestConnection.TestConnection.
TGetJSONValueCallbackFunction for determining whether a given TJSONValue is supported.


DSRestLoginDialogProcProcedure for launching a login dialog.