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Defines classes that implement DataSnap methods, method classes and values, and related functionality.

Package DataSnapServer270.bpl


TDSAdapterClassTDSAdapterClass is an adapter class internally used by DSReflect classes.
TDSAdapterClassTypeTDSAdapterClassType is a metaclass for TDSAdapterClass.
TDSClassTDSClass is a class that holds a class metadata.
TDSDataModuleAdapterClassBase class for adapter classes for data modules, such as TDSProviderDataModuleAdapter, which defines the ExtractDataModule method.
TDSMethodTDSMethod is a class that holds method metadata.
TDSMethodValuesTDSMethodValues is used to hold information about method parameter types and their values.
TDSPackageTDSPackage is a class that hold package metadata.


TArrayOfObjectTArrayOfObject is an array of TObject.
TArrayOfTValueTArrayOfTValue is an array of TValue.
TDSClassArrayTDSClassArray is an array of TDSClass.
TDSMethodArrayTDSMethodArray is an array of TDSMethod.


SOleVariantSOleVariant: string = OleVariant;
STDataSetSTDataSet: string = TDataSet;
STDBXReaderValueSTDBXReaderValue: string = TDBXReaderValue;
STParamsSTParams: string = TParams;