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Contains classes that implement HTTP session managers for local/remote DataSnap instances, TCP sessions, HTTP tunneling logic and HTTP communication protocols, and DataSnap session managers.

Package DataSnapServer270.bpl


TDSAuthSessionImplements DataSnap authenticated sessions.
TDSLocalServerConsumes the remote byte stream produced by a remote source. The remote source is proxied by a local session instance passed to the constructor.
TDSLocalSessionManages the HTTP session for a local DataSnap instance.
TDSRemoteSessionManages the HTTP session for a remote DataSnap instance.
TDSRESTSessionSession class for the REST communication protocol that holds an instance of an authentication manager.
TDSSessionRepresents the base class for all communication sessions.
TDSSessionCacheImplements a cache for holding commands with complex parameter types, stored for later reuse.
TDSSessionErrorException raised by TDSSession.
TDSSessionManagerImplements a singleton that will manage the session objects.
TDSSynchronizedLocalChannelSynchronizes the local channel.
TDSTCPSessionRepresents the session class for the TCP communication protocol.
TDSTunnelServiceImplements the HTTP tunneling logic.
TDSTunnelSessionSession class for the HTTP communication protocol, which acts like a proxy for the socket channel with the DataSnap server.


TDSSessionEventUser event for notification of session events, such as Create and Terminate.
TDSSessionEventTypeType of user events.
TDSSessionLifetimeRepresents the current value of the lifetime of the HTTP session.
TDSSessionStatusRepresents the type of the session status.
TDSSessionTunnelInfoRecord holding information that is mapped to a specific tunnel, which is to be associated with a session.
TDSSessionVisitorProcedure for handling a session in an implementation-specific way.
TTunnelSessionEventType of events invoked when handling a tunnel session.